Approved in Nevada

As of 10/29/2014 AutoSock is officially approved in Nevada as an alternative traction device!  For more information please check out Nevada’s DOT page:

“Alternative Traction Devices”: Nevada recently approved use of alternative traction devices consisting of durable traction-enhancing fabric or plastic encompassing the circumference of a tire tread and secured to both sides of the wheel.  

These traction devices are manufactured and made of synthetic materials which includes fabrics or plastics and have a composition and design capable of improving vehicle traction, braking and cornering ability upon snow, ice-covered or slippery surfaces. Alternative traction devices shall be constructed and assembled to provide sufficient structural integrity to prevent accidental detachment from vehicles and at the time of manufacture or final assembly, shall bear a permanent impression indicating the name, initials or trademark of the assembling company or primary manufacturer, and the country in which the devices were manufactured or assembled in final form.