Mounting Instructions

//Mounting Instructions
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How to Install

It could hardly be easier! Park the vehicle and engage the hand brake. The vehicle should not be on a slope during fitting. AutoSock should be fitted to the driving wheels. Use the accompanying gloves and begin mounting from the top of the tire and downwards. Stretch the elastic band over the top of the tire, so that the band is on the inner side of the tire. Then pull the crossing strap in order to adjust the AutoSock into correct position; as far down as possible until the front panel becomes centered. Once in the proper position, with only the lower part not over the tire, move the vehicle approx. 1m and pull the remainder into position. The AutoSock will automatically self-center when you start driving.

Truck autosock mounting on bagadlWarning:

AutoSock should only be used on ice and snow, and should be removed immediately once the conditions no longer requires it to be used, or when the vehicle is parked. When starting up, no one should be behind the vehicle because stones and lumps of ice, etc. could be thrown backwards with great force. Display extra caution when fitting and driving with AutoSock!