AutoSock for Fleet Managers: Why Your Fleet Should Be Equipped

AutoSock, a high-tech textile tire cover, is designed to provide increased traction on snowy and icy roads. This innovative device is an excellent alternative to traditional tire chains, providing superior performance and simpler use, especially essential for commercial fleets. 

The Crucial Role of Fleet Managers

Responsibilities of a Fleet Manager

Fleet managers play a pivotal role in the operations of transportation companies. They are in charge of procuring, maintaining, and managing a fleet of vehicles. Their goal is to ensure the fleet's efficiency, safety, and legal compliance, directly impacting the company's reputation and bottom line.

The Need for Vehicle Safety in Fleets

One of the most pressing concerns for fleet managers is ensuring the safety of their vehicles. A single accident can result in significant costs, both financially and in terms of reputation damage. That's where AutoSock comes into play. 

The Advantage of AutoSock for Fleets

Enhanced Safety with AutoSock

AutoSock significantly improves vehicle traction, reducing the risk of accidents during severe weather conditions. This reduces downtime and ensures your drivers and cargo are safe. Additionally, they are lighter than a traditional chain.  Drivers have a lower chance of injury lifting light weight AutoSocks which reduces a fleet’s exposure to workers compensation claims.  Unlike a tire chain, when an AutoSock fails, it will fall away from the vehicle. Since AutoSock is a fabric product, the potential damage to the vehicle or those around it is minimal versus a metal chain.

Ease of Use and Installation

AutoSock can be installed and removed quickly, even in harsh weather conditions. This means your drivers spend less time in the cold and more time on the road.  The more time drivers spend outside their vehicles the higher their risk for injury or incident.

Cost-Effectiveness of AutoSock

Investing in AutoSock can lead to substantial cost savings in the long run. The price point is similar to premium tire chains, but their ease of use and installation also means reduced time and labor costs.

Improving Fleet Performance with AutoSock

AutoSock improves vehicle performance by increasing traction, allowing for smoother and more efficient rides, which is beneficial for long haul journeys and reducing fuel consumption.  Unlike chains, drivers won’t feel the “bounce” as their tire rotates over the chain giving a smoother ride.

Real-world Experiences and Testimonials

Many fleet managers have reported improved safety, performance, and efficiency after equipping their fleets with AutoSock. These real-world experiences reinforce the advantages that AutoSock offers. 

Legal and Insurance Benefits of AutoSock

Compliance with Legislation

AutoSock complies with all legal requirements for snow chains throughout the US where there are chain laws and is the only approved alternative traction device to chains up through six axles. This can help fleets avoid legal issues during inspections.

Potential Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies may offer discounts to fleets that take extra safety measures, such as equipping their vehicles with AutoSock.


Making the Switch to AutoSock

Steps to Implement AutoSock in Your Fleet

Implementing AutoSock into your fleet involves educating your team about their use and benefits, procuring the correct sizes for your vehicles, and ensuring proper storage in each vehicle.  Ask us about our fleet programs today for additional savings.


AutoSock presents a comprehensive solution for fleet managers seeking to enhance safety, performance, and legal compliance. It's a worthy investment that brings numerous benefits.


  1. What is AutoSock? AutoSock is a high-tech textile tire cover that enhances vehicle traction on snowy and icy roads.
  2. Why should fleet managers consider AutoSock? AutoSock provides enhanced safety, improved performance, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and potential legal and insurance benefits.
  3. Are AutoSock legal to use instead of snow chains? Yes, AutoSock meets all legal requirements for snow chains.
  4. How can AutoSock save costs for my fleet? AutoSock saves costs by reducing the risk of accidents, lowering maintenance costs, and minimizing labor time.
  5. How do I implement AutoSock in my fleet? You can start by educating your team, procuring the correct sizes, and ensuring each vehicle has a set stored onboard.
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