Alternative Traction Device is helping keep drivers safe and is ensuring passengers arrive safely during winter motor coach operations


OSLO, Norway/DENVER – February 07, 2014— AutoSock AS, the provider of an Alternative Traction Device (ATD) for commercial vehicles, today announced that Ramblin Express Inc. is using 20 pairs of the ATD in place of traditional chains in some applications on its passenger motor coaches.

“When chain laws are in effect, AutoSock saves time for our drivers and provides the traction needed to operate safely,” said Rhonda Miller, director of operations at Ramblin Express. “We strive to consistently provide the safest, most convenient passenger transportation services. AutoSock keeps drivers out of harm’s way by taking just ten minutes at most to install compared to 30 or more minutes for chains.

“AutoSock is made up of a high-technology textile fabric with high friction properties. The new traction device is much lighter than a set of chains which reduces the likelihood of an injury and a workers’ compensation claim. In the event they do tear there is no damage, downtime or repairs to the vehicle,” Miller added. “AutoSock is very effective when used in the right situations.”

Operating from facilities in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, Ramblin Express provides scheduled, charter and tour transportation services throughout the state. The company’s late model fleet includes 56-passenger luxury motor coaches, 21- and 32-passenger minibuses and 41-passenger shuttle buses. In addition to ensuring the fleet is well maintained by its in-house facilities, Ramblin Express has extensive, ongoing safety training programs for drivers and has consistently received the highest driver certification and government inspection ratings.

AutoSock, a patented textile cover that uses high-performance fibers, is designed for vehicles or combinations over 10,000 lbs GVWR with five or fewer axles. Features and benefits of AutoSock include:

• Quick and easy installation in less than five minutes per wheel minimizes a driver’s exposure to weather and traffic
• At less than 6 lbs per pair compared to 48 lbs for a pair of traditional chains, AutoSock provides a weight savings of more than 40 lbs
• Easy to store inside a cab or tool compartment, minimizing damage risk
• Almost no noise emissions or vibration while driving, enhancing driver and passenger comfort

“Compared to traditional chains, AutoSock is much safer and easier for drivers to put on a vehicle, weighs less and provides comparable performance,” said Bernt J. Rosli, CEO of AutoSock Operations AS. “We are very pleased that Ramblin Express is realizing those benefits of our unique solution for maximizing friction on snow and ice covered roads.”

AutoSock meets the requirements of states that restrict the use of traction products that can damage road surfaces, and is now approved in all states except Nevada as an Alternative Traction Device where an ATD must obtain formal approval. AutoSock orders from a range of commercial vehicle operations have been growing steadily. The ATD is offered through McGee Company, the U.S. representative and distributor for AutoSock, online at

About AutoSock AS
AutoSock AS is a Norwegian research-based company founded in 1998. In 2001 AutoSock was approved by TÜV, which is regarded as a world-leading test and certification association, and is now approved globally in various jurisdictions and by several truck and car manufacturers. Through 2012, over two million pairs of AutoSock were in use worldwide.