The Autosock is approved as an alternative traction device to chains within this state based on its performance in keeping vehicles from getting stuck in adverse conditions. “Chains” include link chains, cable chains, or any other device that attaches to the wheel, vehicle or outside of the tire that is specifically designed to increase traction on ice and snow conditions.  More information from Oregon’s DOT trip check.

Confirmation from state representative:

Lt. Rentz, I wanted to make you aware of a new product that attaches to the tires and  based on the statement below meets the definition of a chain by Oregon law.  It was also now approved in Washington state and is being used in a variety of other states as well.  Please inform your troopers, so that they are not surprised if they see these this winter on on highways and question or cite the driver.  If you have questions feel free to give me a call.  The links had some very interesting information and videos.  I will be sharing with our district managers as well.

Luci Moore
Maintenance and Operations Engineer-ODOT