Looking for Snow Chains for Cars? Discover the AutoSock.

Why Choose Tire Socks?

Originally designed in Norway to combat the harsh winter driving conditions, AutoSock is the original alternative traction device. This revolutionary product keeps drivers safe throughout the world every winter.

Faster to install than the best tire chains, AutoSock has an easy-to-use, lightweight textile cover, designed to help cars and trucks get exceptional traction on snow and ice.

We’ve also just released a new truck tire chain alternative for commercial buses, further expanding our line. AutoSock the only supplier of traction solutions for thirteen car manufactures in Europe and Asia.

So far over two million pairs of our tire socks have been sold worldwide.

You’ll never use snow chains again!

Does AutoSock really stack up against tire chains?

Snow Tire Chains

We cover the topic extensively in our complete snow sock guide!

What Size Tire Sock Do You Need?

Find out why AutoSock is like having automatic tire chains. Auto Socks are the best tire chains you'll ever buy!

What are your local snow chain regulations?

AutoSocks are the only alternative traction device approved in all 50 states!

Buy the Best Snow Chains for Cars and Trucks Online, Only from AutoSock.us

Snow Chains for Cars and Trucks


Best All Season Tires for Snow - The Complete Guide - Brought to You by AutoSock

Our in-depth guide about choosing the Best All-Season Tires for Snow is out now! We cover everything you need to know about tire choice, from summer tires to winter tires and everything in between. Stay safe in all conditions!

“AutoSocks for the win! Thank you for helping our daughter stay safe. AutoSocks definitely brought her home after working the night shift driving an ambulance.”

Sally S.

The AutoSock is a quick, easy install, and it gets me out of any jam. I wouldn’t have made it in or out of a recessed dock the other day without them! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable solution that is easier than snow chains.

David Corrado, DaCar Trucking

I ran over 300 miles through the mountains in Oregon. They are amazing! No problems.

William Harmon
Best Tire Chains and Snow Socks