• Sally S. from Seattle, WA
    “AutoSocks for the win!

    Our daughter drove the ambulance overnight, so she needed to get home this morning. She drove 23 miles from Shoreline to Sammamish and arrived about 1/2 hour ago. She used AutoSocks and had no issues. She drives a 2 wheel drive Ford Fiesta. She now holds the family record for driving the farthest using AutoSocks.

    Thank you for helping our daughter stay safe. AutoSocks definitely brought her home after working the night shift driving an ambulance.”

  • Jamie Hagen, Hellbent Xpress from Aberdeen, SD
    “I was headed east through Salt Lake City up Parley’s canyon on I-80 when rain switched to ice, 
    thensnow. Before I could get to the chain up area I lost traction on the very icy roadway and actually started to descend towards the edge of the road with my 80,000 lbs truck and trailer. With all the traffic stopped due to the ice and incline of the road I got out and slid around my truck grabbing it to stay upright and put on my AutoSocks. After securing them I simply drove away like I was on dry roads. I managed to pass several trucks going up Parley’s that had chains on that simply couldn’t get the traction I was getting. At the top of the pass the road was no longer hazardous so I pulled over and took off my 4 socks, then shuck the snow off of them, plus had them stowed away in under 2 minutes time. I couldn’t be more impressed with this product. Simple,lightweightand extremely effective.”

  • Bill R.
    “Thank you for my first GREAT pair of Auto Socks, for our AWD Sienna.  We live on a long driveway (five other houses besides ours) which has a 15 degree slope.  We’ve had lots of ice and snow on the driveway this year.  I NEVER would have managed without my Auto Socks.  I’ve often stopped at the bottom of the driveway, slipped them on (EASY!) and driven up without any problem.  Next time I go out, I remove them (Easy AGAIN!) at the bottom of our hill.  It seems that most people in Colorado Springs (where we have only recently moved) haven’t heard of these yet. Last evening I heard one of my neighbors trying to spinning up the hill.  This morning he told me that he’s ordering his Auto Socks soon.  I’m glad to spread the news.  These are absolutely GREAT!  I’ve just ordered another pair for our two-wheel drive Corolla.”

  • Richard W., MTN Stuff
    “I’ve had a pair of Autosocks stored in my Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van for about a year now. This past November for the first time, I found I needed to put them on the Van to get up and over Vail Pass during an early season heavy, wet snow storm.

    The Auto Socks were surprisingly easy to put on the car. I followed the instructions on the packaging, used the packaging to protect my knees from the wet ground (very nice benefit) and simply slipped them over the tires. It was very simple. So simple I felt compelled to continue to look back to make sure they were still on the wheels – and they were!

    On this particular day, there were many cars of all shapes and sizes that were struggling with the heavy snow. It was very slippery and my Sprinter Van never would have made it up the pass without the Autosocks. They provided the traction I needed in a very simple easy to use package. Once I was down the other side of the pass, I simply pulled off the road and just as easily removed the Autosocks.”

  • Simon, Oregon DOT
    “We have used your AutoSocks for our sander/plow trucks over the last year and are very pleased with their ease of use and performance.  They are an easy and fast way to safely get our trucks up or down an icy hill to spread rock or deicer.  Once we have applied sand or deicer we simply take them off and dry them for the next use.  They have been proven quite durable!  We really like their performance in freezing rain applications because they perform well and provide a smoother ride than chains.  They save us time and keep us safe!”

  • Close-up of AutoSock snow socks
  • Chris Kermode, Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company
    “During this last significant snow storm in our area, we used these and they worked fantastic however we did throw a few and have damaged some during their use the last 5 days…They work tremendously in these circumstances and are better, faster and less of a chance to damage our vehicles than chains.”

  • Cindy A., Shamrock Deliver from Centennial, CO
    “I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you what a great product you have with the Autosocks! We have a fleet of 7 vehicles ranging in size from a small Dodge Promaster City van to several cargo vans and a 26-foot dock truck. We have equipped all our vehicles with your Autosocks and our employees couldn’t be happier. Also, the safety factor is a major plus! Over the last two winters having the Autosocks has saved our drivers numerous times on ice and snow, that they would have otherwise had to call for help. The ease with which putting the Autosock on and the performance of the sock in a situation can’t be beaten! No heavy cumbersome chains! Easy on easy off, we absolutely love them and we will never be without them.”

  • Caroline A.
    “I got to a section of the road to Winter Park that was kind of rough and I just had a queasy feeling in my stomach like I wasn’t going to make it.  After one kind of sketch turn where I was losing traction, I flipped around in defeat.  But, on my way down the mountain I remembered that I have AutoSocks! So I put them on and it’s made a world of difference. I’m confident I can make it to Winter Park now…With traction laws, you’re required to carry chains or tire socks….Now I’m thinking, why would you ever pick chains over this?  I’m so ready to be a spokesperson LOL…Last thing, I can’t even tell that they’re on in the sense that the ride is so smooth.  I heard with chains that [they] can be really loud and bumpy.”