Research and Development

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We cooperated with leading research institutes to create the perfect traction device.

AutoSock works closely with leading research institutes to carry out measurements and prototype testing, with the goal of better understanding the impact of friction on winter driving conditions.

We’ve performed extensive research, and AutoSock has gone through a series of important stages.

The first basic sock had a short lifespan and was only useful in specific conditions. Since then we’ve developed the product tremendously, and it’s now a robust tire sock suitable for most common winter driving conditions.

Our product testing was focused on the following objectives:
  • Improving ice friction without compromising snow friction properties.
  • Making use of ‘state of the art’ knowledge about ski base sliding friction theory and ski base structures.
  • Exploiting ways to objectively and scientifically describe the surface texture of different AutoSock prototypes, in order to increase understanding about the prevailing friction.
The frictional surface of an AutoSock combines the following sets of characteristics:
  • A surface pattern with a sufficiently high degree of coarseness, to make the total contact area exposed to dry friction as large as possible under dry, wet, hard, and soft snowy or icy conditions.
  • A combination of surface patterns, strength, and elasticity making the contact points sufficiently sticky under snowy or icy conditions.